Bill Nabhan

Bill Nabhan is Mr. Mazsport.  He had his first RX2 in 1980, at the age of 15 & has never looked back.  He was intrigued by rotatries even though all his friends were into Toranas & XW’s.

Bill studied mechanical & light automotive engineering at tech & this led to him having the 1st supercharged street registered RX3 in Australia in 1986 (all built & modified by him).  It ran a dowelled 13b engine, supra box, commodore rear end, recaro interior & was the first Mazda to have a full feature in Street Machine magazine in 1990.

Bill began circuit racing in the late 80’s.  He loved it & raced at numerous tracks & events, always in a rotary.  Bill won a huge number of championships, raced overseas (namely Indonesia, where he was an invitational driver) & also raced Bathhurst in 1991 & 1992.

Around 1997 Bill took up drag racing, to begin a new challenge & has many achievements within this sport

  • Quickest & fastest 3/4chassis in the world for 5yrs (KILLRB, 7.26 @ 197mph 2004)
  • Fastest untubbed car in the world (MR12A 7.96 @ 169mph)
  • Fastest NA Rotary in the world (SHERIF 9.31 @ 145mph)
  • First Quad Rotary Turbo drag car in the world (7.2 @ 192mph in the early days)

Bill has drag raced a multitude of rotaries, in all shapes & sized, sometimes multiple cars at 1 event.  He loves the small tyres cars & has drag raced in New Zealand by invitation.

Bills rotary experience is extensive, with over 25years in engine building & tuning.  He is the man to talk to for all things rotary

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