Mazsport KILLRB RX7

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – Australian Nationals (1 Nov 2013)

And she did it.  At the Australian Nationals at Sydney Drag way, Gina piloted her Mazsport Prepped RX7 to a 6sec quarter mile (6.93 @ 194mph). She is the first female in the world to run a 6 in a sport compact vehicle. Here are a couple of angles from the run (full in car video has been loaded on YouTube separately, just check the Mazsport Channel)

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – 2STEP TESTING (6 Sept 2013)

Always love a bit of 2Step testing!!  Prior to the 2013 Supernats we installed a new Precision Turbocharger.  And you need to get these things set up correctly.  Enjoy!!

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – Private Test & Tune Sydney Dragway (16 Aug 2013)

Private test day at WSID saw Gina better her PB, but it wasn’t an easy road.  Struggling with Tyre shake, even to the point where we lost a tail light & managed to damage the rear guard with tyre flick.  But with lots of data collected, we are on top of the issues

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – APSA Sydney Drag way (18 May 2013)

We were privileged enough to be able to run at the APSA Meet on the 18th May 2013.  We were hoping to push that little bit further towards that 6 second pass but unfortunately it wasn’t our day.  Rife with issues, here is the 1st & only good run Gina had that meet, clutch-slip & all.

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – NITROS PB 7.11 @ 194mph (3 May 2013)

Gina is now the Fastest Female sports compact racer in the World.  Running a 7.11 @ 194mph at the Nitro Champs held at Sydney Drag way.  So close to that 6 second mark.

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – Test & Tune PB run – Start line Video (27 April 2013)

Another view of the PB 7.27 run from last weekends Test & Tune.

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – Test & Tune PB run (27 April 2013)

With Nitro Champs only a week away, we took the RX7 out for a few test passes.  And it went well, netting another new PB, 7.27 @ 194.6mph.  The times keep dropping

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – In-car @ Sydney Jamboree (6 April 2012)

In-car footage from Jamboree in Sydney.  This pass was a 7.72 @ 193mph, the fastest MPH Gina has run to date

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – Compilation from Sydney Jamboree (6 April 2013)

Sydney Jamboree @ Sydney Drag way.  A compilation of runs care of  Great Camera work as per usual, Thanks Mark

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – On-board @ SuperNats (8 Sept 2012)

Ride on-board our RX7.  A unique view, traveling at 186mph

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – Runs a PB @ SuperNats (8 Sept 2012)

Gina runs a new personal best of 7.40 @ 187mph, with a 191mph pass earlier in the day.  Unfortunately she broke 5th gear in the following burnout, so that put us out for the rest of the event.

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – Test & Tune (1 July 2012)

Test & tune at Sydney Dragway.  New turbo installed, so some test passes needed, but unfortunately the track was cold & became a bit of a pedal fest for Gina

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – Nitro Champs PB pass (4 May 2012)

Nitro Champs @ Sydney Dragway.  Gina runs a personal best of 7.70 @ 180mph.  This has made her the fastest female sport compact racer in the world.  The RX7 is still having electrical issues, so there will be better times to come soon.

Mazsport KILLRB RX7 – First Test Pass (18 March 2012)

Test day for the Mazsport RX7.  First pass for new driver Gina, in the freshly rebuilt RX7.

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